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Fästpunkt 1

at Astoria STHLM

A exhibition in gold making you smile


New art at Astoria by the gold artist Robin Enström 

Robin has been painting for as long as he can remember and has tried many different techniques. When he found the gold leaf, everything fell into place, and he could use several techniques he had learnt in combination with the gold leaf.

The series "Grin" which you now can experience at Astoria, is a socially critical depiction in a society that seems to be getting tougher and tougher and more superficial. The material also creates friction, with 24 carat gold in cracked glass.

"We want the bar to be in change and offer new experiences, which is why we replace the art 3-4 times a year. It feels fun to exhibit Robin's work as we will also have his art at studiofrantzenlondon "

- Stefan Gissberg, Frantzén Group

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